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Sunrise In The Valley

by Alain Dupuis

“The cool morning air moves waves of clouds across the rocky peaks. Villagers begin to stir within their humble dwellings, perched high on the cliffs. The sun rises once again over the Valley of Wisdom, so named because of the numerous monuments and graven images honouring the spiritual leaders and prophets that pepper the valley. As falcons soar overhead, one cannot help but stop and appreciate the beauty of this magical land.” – Unknown explorer, 1765

Inspired by my journey to Asia last year, I wanted to create a piece that celebrates the relationship between humans and nature, while paying tribute to some of the spectacular landscapes I saw along the way.

Using matte-painting techniques, I spent dozens of hours putting together an array of stock and personal photos, renders, and hand-painted elements. Piece by piece, brush stroke by brush stroke, gradually everything came together into a dynamic finished artwork that I’m proud of.

There’s a number of carvings and statues that give the Vallley of Wisdom its name. How many can you find?

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