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by Estelle Chomienne aka Stellart

Desktopography’s world, is lulled by a of symbolic fantasy here, a visual symphony starting with a horse escaping from a carousel… He saves nature to find Freedom, awakening through a festival of energies : crystal powers, thunderbolts, and electric jellyfishes wires that switches on here and there, the abandonned rusty vintage letters. They are connected to the roots, that invite our glance to discover the body made of glass, that transports the ocean. The hallocinogene mushrooms are part of the scenario, embrassing us tight with adventurous dreams, soaking the atmosphere with hints of mystery. Some details of its former royal appearance still remain : the smooth leather of its back, the wooden baroque mane, and the golden ornaments, are like vestiges of the ancient world now… Travelling throught time, from the prehistoric fish presence, to the apocalyptic mechanical eagles escort, the glitches vibes propel the metaphorical horse into space, its head meeting the stars, galloping towards Eternity with drums of euphoria, bathing into an endless sea of diamonds.

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